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Grip Graphique

Request a custom griptape design of your own and we can get that cut for you!  Our custom designs can fit small penny boards all the way to full size downhill boards.  

Are pre-made designs not your style?  Or perhaps you would like to show the artist within!  We take custom design orders of any design you provide.  No bulk order required.  Feel free to order 1 – 10 pieces of your own design!    Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.  A custom design typically costs $35 - $55 depending on the complexity.

When you send us your image, please make sure they meet the following requirements:

1.      It is a high resolution black and white image file that is a .png or .jpg format.  (The black portion of the image is the griptape)

2.      The design is not too complex with fine details.  (See below section for more details)  

3.      The image cannot be copyrighted.  (Disney, video games, movies, etc)


Name *


Tips for a great griptape design:

-        Our griptape is cut from large 11” x 34” sheets.  If your board is smaller, make sure you measure it so the design will not cut off. 

-        Very thin details, (< 3mm), tend not to work well with griptape.  They take too long to put on and may come off accidentally.  Feel free to browse our image gallery for reference:

-        Pictures tend to not work well unless it has been simplified.