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Kickstarter Campaign success!

Gordon Ho

A big thanks to all our supporters to making this happen!  We will work diligently to expand our operations past the North American region and reach out to shops all over the globe.  

Special thanks to:

Stores: Longboarder Labs, Steve's Board Shop, Hammer Skateboard, Cal Streets
Video & Photography: Adam, Nova, Vulcan, Zach
Riders: Adam, Brian, Edwin, Gordon, Harlen, Jouchelle, Regina, Taylour, Vancouver flatlands

Kickstarter backers:

Phoebe, Steph, Ashley, Yadana, Aaron, Antoniya, Jenevie, Ilich, Rayling, Kristoph, Afroshoes, Jamie, Dan, Artillicious, Rmeen, Chaklin, Gamingvisor, Jared, Common, Ben, Craft, Jeff, Kakit, Peter, Kathmandu, Fiona, Steve, Eroix, Hossein, Julian, Melissa, Matthew, Luke, Ruth, Edward, Braking, Protob, Sculpin, Michael, Pid, Rizzo, Povi, Willy, VanVu, Barak, AJ, Klaus, Screwp, Cole, Claudia, Jimmie, Jason, Erica, Doog, Mendoza, Creatio, Enda, Ict, Mike, Holo, Robert, Michael, Nagromi, Trina, Lily, Tristan, Gray, Brady, Lana, Stylab, Jeff, Daniel, Kainer, Wayroan, Julie, Stefan, Shirin, Kirk, Devan, Stevens, Avid, Pramash, Warren, Matha, Tippet, Rick, William, David, Linky, Pakayak, Steve, Rick, Graham, Adam, Brandon, Blubel, Allison, Edwin, John, Bomtron, Killwood, Wynnter, Nayah, Nicole, Chris, Tony, simon, Fabio, Ashley, Naama, Charlotte, Josh, Corey, Emily, Martin, Fiona, Janaka, Jordan, Michael, Shay

Kickstarter Campaign Launch!

Gordon Ho

We are happy to announce that our Kickstarter Campaign is now LIVE!  A BIG shout out to everyone in the community that has supported us throughout and has made this possible today!  Come check out our new lineup of designs on Kickstarter.   Every little bit counts to a small startup like us.  So if you like what we do, help show your support by liking and sharing  :)  
Thank you, and keep on riding!

Gnarathon 6

Gordon Ho

The 6th annual Gnarathan event in Texas was stoked for Grip Graphique's custom grip stickers!  Riders wend down this sanctioned race fast with minimum bailouts! 

Salt Spring Slip N' Slide

Gordon Ho

We’re proud to sponsor the Salt Spring Slip N’ Slide event early this month over on the island!  Everyone had a great time and we witnessed lots of slipping and sliding on the wet pavement.

Happy Holidays!

Jo Che

We got some limited edition seasonal stickers up for grabs! They will be available at Longboarder Labs, Steve's Board Shop, flatspot, and some good ol' slide jams. Get them while supplies last!

Splash For Cash!

Jo Che

We are glad to help sponsor the 13th Annual Splash For Cash! The boarders had a great time. Congratulations to Troy for taking first place, Danger Dane for taking second place, and Harris for taking third.Thank you everyone for participating, and there was a great turn out! Can't wait for next year's Splash For Cash!


Jo Che

There was a great turnout for the Longboarder Labs and Cal Streets FingerJam event! There were lots of youngsters there, and they had a blast! Thank you to the parents for waking up early and accompanying the children to the event! 

Happy Birthday Yadana!

Jo Che

We created our first custom cut today as Grip Graphique and this honour goes to Yadana! All of us at Grip Graphique wish you a very happy birthday and happy skating!

Push For The Cure!

Jo Che

We are proud to sponsor the three day longboarding event, Push For The Cure! In Push For The Cure, these courageous boarders spent three days boarding from Hope all the way to Vancouver. That's over 150 kilometers! This year's Push For The Cure was on October 10th-13th. It was a cold and wet journey. This year's turnout was only a modest 30 riders, but they still managed to raise over $1600 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. 

The beautiful board featured in our banner image, now belongs to the youngest rider who participated this year, Jake Burroughs. He was not only the youngest, but he also pushed hard and had a great attitude throughout the event. 

A great big shoutout and thank you to all the riders who participated in this event and let's make next year's Push For The Cure bigger and better!

How to Apply Grip Tape

Jo Che

Step 1 

Peel off the paper backing from the sheet of grip tape.

Make sure you do not fold or wrinkle the grip tape.


Step 2 

Center the sheet of grip tape evenly over the top of the skateboard deck.


Step 3 

Starting from one end of the board, and moving to the other side, firmly press down on the grip tape while smoothing out any air bubbles that start to form. 


Step 4

Use a screwdriver to scrape along the edges of the skateboard. This will remove some of the grip around the edges making the trimming process easier on you and your equipment.

You can use the utility knife to cut a perpendicular line in the excess grip tape if it is resisting the screwdriver too much.


Step 5

Use a utility knife to begin cutting around the edge of your skateboard to remove excess grip tape.

Angle your knife towards the inside of the skateboard to make it easier to cut a straight line.

Be careful when using the utility knife and always keep it pointed away from yourself and others.


Step 6

Once you have removed all of the excess grip tape, you can use the scraps to sand the edges of your cut to smooth out any small inconsistencies.

Use caution when sanding as the grip tape can become heated.


Step 7 

If air bubbles persist, gently use a utility knife to poke a small hole in the grip tape at the center of the bubble and press out the air. 

Be careful when using the utility knife and always keep it pointed away from yourself and others.


Step 8

After you have finished applying your grip tape, you can use a small screwdriver to poke holes where your truck hardware will be installed.